The latest member of our tribe.

This baby belongs to our tribe.  Our crew.  Our posse.  He was born this morning to my bfry Molly and her hubs Brandon.  Being that I’m Nanny McAnnie this week, I wasn’t able to go to the hospital for his birth. The third leg of our bfry trifecta, Haley, kept me updated via texting and phone calls pretty much every 10 minutes from 8pm-1:30am when she sent his name.

Webb.  And I love him.


Here’s Haley with Webb.  Molly and I were laughing because we are used to the roles being reversed, it’s always been Haley birthing the baby boy and then the baby girl.  Now she’s in the chair and Molly’s in the bed.  Though there will be no photos of that, so says Mo.


Here’s me explaining a few things to Webb- namely the fact that I’m thrilled he was a “he” (no one knew ahead of time) and I felt the need to go over the whole “just because I’m in Nashville doesn’t mean I won’t send you birthday presents and love you every day” thing.  Cause I will.


And once the girls got home from school, we began what became an eventful evening, topped off with Christmas shaped sugar cookies and a sugar crash that would rival the war scenes in Braveheart.

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