Workin’ it out.

[there’s a video here, my subscriber friends, just in case you can’t see it.]

Because I left my pride in 2009, I thought I’d post the clip of my segment from this weeks Get Fit Challenge. It’s the first one where we filmed at the gym. So. Obviously. I’m very proud.

But seriously. I really do love this clip. The producer, Jenny, has become a sweet friend and I enjoy getting to talk to her. And our trainer Lisa is seventeen piles of patient with me and truly inspirational.

I am aware that the picture they post at the beginning isn’t me. No biggie.

And just so you know, they had me do the moving rock wall as a kind of joke and then BOOM they used it for real.

I’m pretty sure Jenny bamboozled me on that one.

Fool me once, I climb a moving rock wall.

Fool me twice, and I …. uh…. I don’t know what’s worse than that.

And 4:28? That was especially for you.

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