Remember when “tubular” used to be a popular term? I think I’m ready to bring it back. Give me some time. But I’m going for it.

[Sure. I’ll be mocked for a while. But in the end, when TUBULAR makes a comeback like RAD has made a comeback, you’ll know who to thank. Or blame. Dealer’s choice.]

Over the weekend, I was introduced to a few You Tube videos that are just too good to keep to myself. Hence the title. [See what I did there?]

Tuesday sometimes need a good dose of YouTube. That’s what my doctor says anyways.

First, Karmin Music covering Lady Antebellum…

RIGHT? How much do you LOVE that? I know. They’re insanely talented.

Next up… Tripp and Tyler –> Tripp Gets Knighted…

This one had me LOLing all over the coffee shop yesterday. We used to watch Tripp and Tyler so much in college. This was a personal favorite of mine…

I’m not going to tell you who I am in this video, I’m just going to say that I think singing harmonies is a really good time.

Also, Amber is teaching us how to wear fashionABLE scarves in the summer and trust me when I tell you that if Amber thinks it is cool to do, it always is.

And finally, because sometimes you just need a good slaying on Tuesday, here is Adele. Sheesh sheesh sheesh.

Share and share alike- anything you’re loving on YouTube (or Vimeo)? Give us the links in the comments so we can all waste lots of time today. 🙂

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