Hurry and download!


So you may remember that a few months ago, I wrote a free 30 day devotional for the girls who attended our Girls of Grace conference this season.

It’s been downloaded a lot and I am so glad that it has become a resource for girls to continue to use their words to speak life to others.

I wrote this devotional long before Speak Love was a twinkle in my literary eye because I just wanted to resource the gals in our audiences. And then Zondervan had a super cool idea to take the devotional and add in some journaling pages and some other content and make it into a journal that is beyond gorgeous.

This is what the cover will look like – made of purple leathery beautifulness.

speak love revolution_cover

And this is what it will look like with a cardboard cover thingy in the stores.

speak love revolution rev

Cool, huh!?!? I’m kinda freaking out about how much I love it.

And just like the book, you can go ahead and pre-order the journal if you wanna.

But…. more importantly today…..

This all means the devotional won’t be available on my website anymore after May 31.

SO….. GO NOW AND DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREEEEE! And if you know any gals who would want it, go ahead send the link so that they can nab it before it is gone.

[If you try to download it and it doesn’t email to you for some reason, just contact me and I’ll get it to you.]


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