I started a little tradition last year by giving you a photo from each month to summarize the year.  Today you get pictures, tomorrow you get words.  And if you didn’t know me in 07, you can catch up real fast RIGHT HERE.

January- visited Nashville for the first time.  Knew in my heart that I was moving.january

February- Sold my house.  Deep sigh…. I still miss that room.2-february

March- God answers my prayer for one friend at the Mt. Hermon Writer’s Conference… by giving me three (and a Canadian pastor).3-march

April- Carys arrives on the scene.  And life is never the same.  I love that girl.4-april

May- Saying goodbye to a career and to a community.may

June- SheSpeaks Conference.  Who knew that some of these ladies would become such dear friends?june

July- Two of my bfries- Katie B and Marie.  I would not have survived our trip to Scotland without them.7-july

August- I moved.  My heart almost didn’t survive it.  Somedays, I still don’t know that it will.  Then this reminds me…..8-august

September- Making friends.  Who are apparently much more receptive to the rays of the sun.9-september

October- Finding community who also happen to love the Georgia Bulldogs.10-october

November- You saw this one coming a mile away.  Oh Cankle.  I don’t miss you.  Cause I’m still paying for you.11-november

December- Parties. And many prayers of thanks for the sweet friends I’ve been given.12-december

So there you have it.  Here are a few personal observations:

– This year’s photos involved a lot of people.  And a wide variety of people.  Which is kinda cool.

– My computer screwed up and saved my pictures from August- December all over iPhoto.  Mainly in 2007 folders.  It was so weird to see pictures of Nash people sprinkled throughout my Marietta world of photos.  Sorta poetic, in a way.

– There are blog posts for most of these pictures, so just use the handy search by month tool on the right if you want to read more [especially about the Cankle.  Gracious, I uber-blogged that puppy.]

– I’m getting all teary, so I need to stop now.  But just know that in all of this, the moving, the selling, the goodbyes, the hellos, the new friends, born and made, the old friends, ever faithful, I am overwhelmed with one emotion.


Dear God,

You surprised me in 08.

You moved me in 08.

You held me in 08.

And You loved me in 08.


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