Auld Lang Instagram… a 2015 recap

Auld Lang Instagram 2015

I used to be really good at this- recapping the year. Ever since I started blogging in 2007 (I know, I’m a senior citizen in this blogosphere), it’s been a favorite pastime.

Here’s the recaps thus far:

2007… before Nashville.

2008… when I moved to Nashville.

2009… before books.

2010… lame excuse for a recap, but better than 2011 and 2014.

2011… I failed to recap, but I moved to Scotland.

2012… books and friends and Scotland, oh my.

2013… busy. That recap makes me feel tired.

2014? Whoopsie daisy. I guess that year just happened. I can’t remember.

. . . . .

I wasn’t a great blogger in 2015, sorry sorry sorry. I wrote a lot of other words in a lot of other places and I just didn’t sit on the couch and blog as much as I used to. Except right now, watching Gilmore Girls and trolling through my own instagram feed.

I decided to pull a favorite picture from each month, the one that when I passed it, it made me smile and pause and I don’t want to forget it.

. . . . .

January 2015 — Ecuador with Compassion International!

(The children. And nail polish. Amazing time.)


. . . . .

February 2015 — IF:Gathering in Austin with my little sister!

(By the way, I’ll be hosting the livestream for all the IF:Locals again this year! Hope you’ll join us, no matter where you are on the planet!)


. . . . .

March 2015 —  Love between married families and singlets!

(The comments on this instagram post are my favorite of the whole year.)


. . . . .

April 2015 — A photoshoot with my adorable and gorgeous small group!

(I love them more every time we are together. I don’t know how. But it’s true.)


. . . . .

May 2015 —  Sick sick sick Annie!

(Here’s why I love this one- though it was awful to be repeatedly sick this spring, it set me on a path towards greater health. Also, because of this, a friend connected me with a healthcare professional here in Nashville who has been an absolute gift from the Lord.)


. . . . .

June 2015 — Bloom Conference in Hawaii!

(I love these people so so much.)


. . . . .

July 2015 — US Men’s National Soccer team plays in Nashville!

(I know. My birthday is in July. THAT’S how much I loved this game.)


. . . . .

August 2015 — Dad and I at the Atlanta Falcons training camp!

(So much fun. Like wow fun. I wish the Falcons would always call me a VIP.)


. . . . .

September 2015 — Israel!

(I’m guessing you know how I feel about this place and these people.)


. . . . .

October 2015 — Connecticut with the Lyons family!

(The only mistake was not having apple cider donuts. I still am sad about that.)


. . . . .

November 2015 — Meeting Davo from Men In Blazers!

(I don’t geek out much, but when I do, it is serious. And well deserved.)


. . . . .

December 2015 — The Falcons beat the Panthers!

(It was just a few days ago and I could still squeal about it.)


. . . . .

So many things to celebrate all mingled with hard days and pain and worry and joy. Isn’t that the way of 365 days?

I’ve sat here for a bit today, thinking through the pictures you see, the memories you don’t. I pulled out my two journals from this year and read through the story that God and I have written together this year and I thanked Him for the surprises and the easy days and the hard ones. I thanked Him for the new people that came into my life in 2015, for the men (both married and single) and women and kids, and the way He uses people to make my life exactly where I want to live.

. . . . .

If you recap your year, please link to your blog post in the comments- I’d love to read it!

And here’s to 2016… may it hold all the things that make you love yourself, your life, your family, your friends, and your God more than you ever have before.

. . . . .

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