Goodbye 007.

A more reflective reflection on 07, huh?

This would be going a lot better if I could think of something really smart to say about 07. But I’ve got nothing. Not because 07 was meaningless, but because I’m having a hard time not contriving words that I think you want to hear. I hate when people do that. Like forced profoundness. I read some things online where it seems that the author’s sole purpose is to stink my computer up with his/her crappy fake profoundness. So I’m working pretty hard at writing things that are entertaining and maybe quasi-meaningful, but I give you full permission to call me out for fake profounding all on your screen.

I really don’t want to make your computer stink.

It’s almost noon, not my most reflective hour. In fact, I’m thinking more about the piles of laundry that I need to attend to, the salad I need to make for our NYE party tonight, and the amount of things I want to clean out of my house if I would only get out of bed at a reasonable hour.

I think I have a sleeping disease.

Ok, I’ve come up with a way to reflect on 07. By month. Now don’t panic. I think this will be short and cool. I’m going to do one picture and one phrase for each month. Then we can kiss 07 goodbye, and this strangely-morphing post.

JANUARY: All things are new. [photo- Jarrett]
FEBRUARY: God’s transforming love.MARCH: Resting after the battle. [photo- Phil Wickham concert]
APRIL: Enjoying community. [photo- BATL]
MAY: Heartbreak. [no photo- a soccer player of mine was killed in a car accident. I loved him dearly and I honestly just can’t put his picture on here again. It still hurts.]

JUNE: Praying big. [photo- proposal to publishing house]
JULY: The cornerstone of 07. This is who I always want to be. [photo- in Scotland]
AUGUST: Really hot. [no photo- too sweaty]

SEPTEMBER: Goodbye tonsils. [photo- pre surgery. Weird, I know.]
OCTOBER: All things working together. [photo- Funny man victory]
NOVEMBER: NaBloPoMo and a billion concerts. Awesome month. [photo- Wertz and Barnes]DECEMBER: Something new is brewing. Change is on the horizon. [photo- Stoners in sweaters. I just can’t get enough of this one.]
Overall, 2007 was quality. The birthday I’ve waited my whole life for (07/07/07), lots of laughs, plenty of struggles, some sadness, but a fair share of growth, to be sure.

The truth is that God was good in 07. And I know Him better now than I ever have before.

Psalm 34:8
Taste and see that the Lord is good.

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Stay up to date with our weekly newsletter. It’s all things fun with Annie.