erin-feb-2009 Here’s another installment of YouBlog– where I introduce you to one of your fellow blogmies. Remember the goal is to get to know each other! Many of you readers/commenters were born to be friends- I just know it. And I’m out to prove it!

First of all. Just look at Erin. Oh. My. Cuteness. Just seeing her sweet face makes me want to be friends with her so bad. Doesn’t she just look uber-inviting and friendly and awesome? I. KNOW. I thought the same thing.

I also love reading her blog. It’s so real and honest in ways that I’m personally not brave enough to write about. But she does it beautifully and with huge amounts of class and humor and humility and spirituality. Yeah, I kinda like her blog.

I absolutely love this post she wrote about comparing yourself to other people. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t deal with this? It’s worth the read. Head over there, read up, and tell her AnnieBlogs sent ya!

Gah. I’m enjoying YouBlog mucho. It’s kinda like having a party at my house and y’all all coming over. But bring your own chair for the porch- I only have 5. And a tree swing.

Hey you local yokels- wanna be featured one week as the YouBlog-ger? Just email me at annieblogs [at] gmail [dot] com and put “YouBlog” in the subject line. Or leave a comment. I don’t know… just get in touch with me. :)

Let's be friends!

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