Here’s another installment of YouBlog– where I introduce you to one of your fellow blogmies. Remember the goal is to get to know each other! Many of you readers/commenters were born to be friends- I just know it. And I’m out to prove it!

Sarah_RuppI know, long blog title, but I had to use her first and last name since we’ve already had a “SarahBlogs“. [Way to hog the name, Sarah Markley!] 🙂

Meet Sarah Rupp. Sarah is a darling little friend of mine. Okay, officially, she was Shannon Primicerio’s friend first, but I just tag along in their friendship.

I met Sarah at the SheSpeaks conference in August and think she is probably one of the most talented writers I know. Puts my skillz to shame. Sarah writes both fiction and non-fiction. She wrote a short piece on her blog titled Vacuuming that I think is brilliant and detailed and makes me FULL ON JEALOUS of her ability to write.

Jealous in that loving way. Of course.

Also:: NEWSFLASH :: Sarah and two other cutey-patooties have started an awesome blog about modern and modest style. And as you know, I struggle. 🙂 So check out that new site as well.

Seriously. Go ahead and bookmark her blog, read up on Sarah, and make sure you are fully capable of being able to say, “Yeah, I knew Sarah back when she was finishing high school….” cause the child is going to be some kind of famous writer. I’m praying for Sarah today, that God would continue to raise her up and hone her gifts. She rules.

That’s it. Phew. About 2o bloggers in 20 weeks featured on YouBlogs. That is super awesome. I have really enjoyed being able to introduce you to some bloggers that come around here and hang out with you in the comments every day.

We’re gonna take a break for a while, but hang in there. If you wanted to be featured and missed the chance, or if you just enjoyed hearing from a variety of people on Thursdays, it’ll be back.  🙂

Let's be friends!

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