10,000 reasons to blog.

Yes. It happened today. I had my 10,000th hit on this blog. I know what you are thinking and yes, probably 7,000 of those are my mother. I fully understand that. 🙂

None the less, it is exciting to think that 10,000 times someone has read something I have written. For an author-in-the-making-hopefully (my long subtitle to my name), it’s a joy.

Thank you for reading. Especially you in Florida- you are faithful and I do not know you. 2 cool things.

In honor of you (all of you, not just the Floridians), I wanted to list 10,000 things that you may not know about me. But, that is a ridiculous thing to do and it would guarantee a complete halt to all readership. So instead, I’ll list 10 things. Seriously. Here we go.

1) I hate sharks. In a deep, meaningful way. They are people eaters. I love the beach. The ocean is beautiful. But in it is housed an Annie-killer and I try to stay away from anything with that title as much as possible.

2) I drink orange juice with lots of pulp. It’s just better that way. Tatum would say “chunky”, but it’s not. It’s pulpy. Fibrous. Thick. So delicious. Too bad I finished off my carton this morning because my mouth is watering right now just typing about it.

3) I don’t do laundry on Sundays. I wish I could say it was a religious/Sabbath decision, but it wasn’t. It was a decision I made as a result of an almost panic attack I had once thinking my life was like the movie “Groundhog Day”. So I’ll wash and dry and fold any other day. Not Sunday.

4) My favorite member of NSYNC was Chris Kirkpatrick. Though Justin Timberlake is very cute, Chris was always funny. Funny boys win my heart every time.

5) Yes. I loved NSYNC. In college. And no. I am not ashamed of that.

6) I am always reading more than one book. Maybe it’s the small percent of ADD in me, but one book gets boring. Presently I’m reading March and my Rachael Ray magazine and finishing Praise Habit by David Crowder.

7) Magic tricks boggle my mind. I consider myself pretty intelligent, but magic never stops amazing me. I can not ever figure out a trick. I have a friend who is a magician and he can do the simplest trick, a 10 year old can explain it to me, and I still won’t have ever figured it out by myself. (See, Candace, I just admitted I’m a little slow when it comes to card tricks and disappearing coins. Sometimes people DO say bad things about themselves in blogs.)

8) I have a terrible sense of direction. My mom says I have to marry someone that is a mapmaker- that’s how bad it is. Many people agree that I need a GPS system. That’s sad when people say that stuff about you without you saying it first. I get lost often. I usually leave 10-20 minutes before the average person when I’m going somewhere new just in case I get lost. Because, as previously stated, I usually do. On the flip side, I give EXCELLENT directions because it takes a lot of detail to get me anywhere, so I give a lot of details.

9) I can’t pick a favorite color. I used to say blue, then green, then yellow for a while. It changes so often that I really feel that it would be untrue to tell someone that ” _____ is my favorite color” because really, it’s probably just the color I’m looking at right then. But to say all that makes me seem shallow and uncommitted. So when people ask, I usually say purple. And that’s a flat out lie.

10) When I get to heaven, I hope I get to wear jeans. I love jeans.

So, there you go. And while you’re out blog hopping, check out some of my links- so many of my dear friends are joining the blogosphere and it’s really fun. And most of them actually have things of worth to say.

Love to you, my 10,000 page loaders.

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