27 going on 78….. and hungry.

Tonight at Chick-fil-A was good. Thanks to all the folks who came out. We’re really asking the Lord to provide our last little bit of moola so we can go on this trip and serve Him in Scotland.

I don’t know exactly what happened, I just know that around 6:15pm, I hurt my back. Not like a pulled muscle. Well, maybe. But more like pliers have grabbed a hold of my lowest left vertebrae. And twisted. I can’t really find a happy place to sit.

Or lie.

Or stand.

Like a grandma.

But with the encouragement of Mark Lee, I’m choosing to focus on the positive. And take a lot of Aleve.

This coming Saturday I get to help throw “that” shower for my friend Candace. Ladies, you know the one I’m talking about… the one that happens about a week before the wedding… the one for only girls…. the one that is ridiculously funny for me every single time. Because I am still seven years old in my mind.

For eats, we are doing tapas recipes. No, not topless. Sickos. TAPAS. Small appetizers, but a wide variety. Like one the greatest restaurants in Athens- SpeakEasy. Mmmm……

And we need some HELP.

Does anybody have a great appetizer recipe? We are looking for stuff that doesn’t necessarily need utensils, bite size, both savory and desserts. And Candace is the polar opposite of a vegetarian, so the more meat, the better. So step up, you undercover foodies. And help a sista out!! Give us some recipes!!

Please don’t suggest baby BACK ribs. That is rather insensitive of you, considering my current injury and all.

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