I’m 28 today. As of this moment, I’m officially the oldest I’ve ever been. 28 feels weird. I’m not a huge fan of even numbers, they have never been my favorite. 26 was somewhat awful (the first half at least) and 27 was somewhat stellar.

But 28. It’s gonna be different than all the rest.

I’m a real big fan of my birthday, as you can see here and here. I’m not going to lie about that. On my birthday eve, I lay awake, trying so hard to fall asleep. But I can’t. I wonder who I will see, who will call, and what it will feel like. It’s not about gifts- I’m weird about gifts. They kinda freak me out. I love giving them but am quasi-incapable of receiving them. So there’s that.

So I’ve been thinking about what you can give me that won’t make me feel awkward or uncomfortable. Wait for it….

Every year I ask God to tell me how much He likes me on my birthday. It’s a prayer that He loves to answer, if you’re looking for one. And without fail, I feel a deep love on this day. A genuine “I’m so glad you were born”. And today, I said, “God, 28 is going to be so different, huh?”

His response? “You were MADE for 28.”

Whoa. That’s a good gift.

Now I sit in a coffee house in Marietta, trying to finish the last of the Scotland Bible studies. And I can’t figure out how to explain what’s going on- without you being at camp last week, I can’t fully explain what I’m feeling. If you were there, you understand. I can’t recover from it. From Him.

Because even just listening to praise music (“Awakening” by Daniel Bashta) has me drowning in the presence of the Lord. There aren’t words. It’s like He so poured out on us last week that I can’t shake His presence. Something new is happening. An awakening. A deepening.

Dare I say a revival? Yeah, I dare. REVIVAL. It may be here.

So for my birthday this year, I want one thing. And you can pray for it. That’s what you can give me.

All I want is this- I want the King of Glory to enter in. (Psalm 24)

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