A big thank you.

To my cousin Jake for cleaning out my garage.

Because for the first cold morning since I moved in to my house I don’t have to go through this process:

1) Decide to stop at Starbucks
2) So get ready a few minutes early
3) Collect sundry items to take to school. Almost definitely leave something of high importance, but remember the box tops for education.
4) Set alarm [safety takes no holiday]
5) Exit home, excited to be ready in enough time to stop for a grande white chocolate mocha, nonfat, stirred, with no whip cream.
6) Lock door, turn around, and see that the front and rear windshield are covered in a thin but strong sheet of ice, thus wasting precious mocha time to dethaw my vehicle.

Because now I can park in my garage. And there is no ice to be seen. Car ready to drive as is. Fantastic.

The only problem? I’ve used precious mocha time to blog.


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