A few points of biz-nass.

1) My parents are in town until Sunday, so my usual “I’m at my computer all day and responding to comments is way awesomer than actually working” plan will not be in motion.  So forgive my slow responses this weekend.  Because I’m hanging with my peeps.

2) My friend Lysa came in town last week and a few of us had dinner.  She wrote an AWESOME POST this week about one of our conversations.  You may be interested to read it simply because I refuse to blog about my singleness here, so what she wrote is probably all you are getting.  And the comments.  OH HEAVENS THE COMMENTS.  I don’t care if you are married or single, there are baskets worth of knowledge and wisdom in those comments.

I get a little teary reading them.  They are so sincere.  So heartfelt.  So loving. So “please be wise for your own sake”, that I wish I could hug it out with all of these women.  I will in July at the SheSpeaks Conference.  I will stalk them, find them, and hug them.  Dare me?

Apparently by “a few” points, I meant two.  Two points.  That is all.

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