A free book for you.

Cause I’m a giver.

That’s not entirely true. Actually, my friend Brad is a giver.

You may remember that I blogged about his book Finding Home in October. Here’s my review, just in case you missed it.

Brad has decided that instead of selling his book to you, he just wants you to have it.


Just have it.

So, when I run across something free, and I think its good, I want to make sure you get it. Which is one of the main reasons I’m involved with Bloggable Music Network. Cause you always get free music that’s really great. [Well, that and I really love Kat Jacobs, so if she asks me to do something, I usually just do it.]

Speaking of free, let me disappoint you for a minute… I have a new music group that I really like and they were giving away their EP. So I ran by their website this morning to grab the link so you too could have the free EP. And… they quit giving it away. I’ve sent an email asking if you could have it anyways. If I hear back, I will tell you who it is. If I don’t, they are dead to me.

Ok, that’s severe. They won’t be dead to me, I just won’t tell you about them.

Sheesh, I’ve got to quit being so extreme.

And unfocused.

Wowsa. Finally, HERE IS THE LINK to get Brad’s book for free. And play around on the website- it’s kinda like an amusement park. Lots of bright colors and things to click and read and…. well, no rides or cotton candy, but you know what I mean.

Go ahead and download it, then just read it when you have time. Read it now, read it in October. Who cares? Just grab it while it’s still free.

Because as I sadly learned today from the artists-who-shall-remain-nameless-until-they-decide-that-you-should-get-their-EP-for-free, these creative folks can be a fickle bunch.

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