A letter to you.

Dear Bloggite,

I’m here today to speak on behalf of AnnieBlogs. Ahem, Annie Downs.

Annie Downs is unable currently to spend time at AnnieBlogs because she has work to do. With me. I am actually paying her bills. And I am actually important. And I have deadlines for her that she has not been meeting because of things like “blog videos”  and “giveaways” and “ridiculous stories about nail polish.”

Honestly, I’m glad she’s not here right now- she would be MORTIFIED to know that I was saying all of this to you. She likes to think her little world of bloggy friends is more important than ME and to that I say, “They are nice people BUT PAY ATTENTION TO ME EVERY NOW AND AGAIN.”

I’m like her naggy wife. Only, she’s not married. And she actually wants a husband anyways.

So please forgive Annie’s lack of blogginess the last few (and next few) days, as she focuses on ME.

[Also. Her inbox is about to choke her like a 18th century frilly collar, so she’s dealing with that as well.]

She’ll be back shortly with an empty inbox(es), empty to-do list, and significantly less guilt regarding her (in)ability to balance her worlds-o-writing.


Annie’s Writing Career

[P.S.- since I kinda high-jacked Annie’s blog today, I’m going to post this picture. You can thank me when you recover from the fits of laughter. I believe she called this her “serious face.” Bless her. She’s not right in the head.]

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