A NYC recap laden with fondness.

You will love this: on our last day in New York, my friend Jeff from the NanoMBA hugged me and said, “AnnieBlogs, I like Reba too.”

If there is ever a sentence that one could say to gain my undying loyalty, that. was. it.

I mean. Seriously. Right to my heart, brother. Right to my heart.

And I realized, in that moment, that these NanoMBA friends are stuck with me forever. [Whether they like it or not.]

This blog post has to dance a fine skinny line of telling you about my experience in New York while honoring the fact that our NanoMBA group didn’t exactly sign up to be blog fodder.

So I’m going to do what any self-respecting blogista would do. I’m gonna make a list.

1. Seth Godin is an awesome teacher.

2. I spent the entire week with 11 of the smartest, most talented, and kindest friends I could ever have the pleasure of knowing. With their permission, I hope to introduce you to each of them at some point in the future. Because gracious. They are wonderful.

3. I have some deep love for public transportation. And I have to confess that I sorta liked having my headphones in and keeping a stern face. I felt like a total New Yorker. [Until, of course, I would lose track of where I was and have to say to my neighbor, “Uh, which stay-shun is thee-us?” and my Southern-ness would be loud and clear.]

4. I genuinely hope I never forget my mornings in Grand Central Station. An iced chai tea latte, an egg and spinach english muffin sandwich, my Bible, my journal, and a Hillsong Pandora station on my iPhone. Someday I’ll tell you how this time on Wednesday morning may have literally changed my life.

5. I loved my time in New York City so much that I began to fear that I may decide to move there next. Don’t tell Nashville. I’ve always considered myself a one-city kind of girl, so it freaked my freak a little bit.

Last but not least [for sure], I want to introduce you to DonorsChoose.org. It is an amazing non-profit that helps teachers in low income areas provide all that they need for their classrooms.

I hope you are signed up for Groupon in your city. Because today, you can buy a $20 donation for only $10. Once you buy it on Groupon, you can go over to DonorsChoose.org and spend it.

I will be donating to this classroom in Nashville. I would LOVE it if AnnieBlogs readers could purchase a bookshelf for this teacher. Would you consider donating your Groupon (or making a donation) to this classroom? If we each gave $10, we could TOTALLY take care of this for her and those cute kiddies.

That would be rad.

Happy Monday, y’all.

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