A Sunday blog. Don’t stone me.

I know what you are going to say. Yes, it is Sunday. But yes, I am going to blog. I just want to, okay? Geez. I can break my own rules.

Wow. Wow is the most descriptive word to say what my heart is feeling. Even though this conference is only half over, I am pleased beyond belief.

The faculty here, the writers, editors, publishers, etc. that are teaching the courses we take each day are FANTASTIC. I went to one yesterday about Christianity as Art by Andy McGuire [google him if you so desire] and it was amazing. Many of the classes I have taken have centered on writing technique [you don’t say!] and so it was quite refreshing to be in a class that was a theological brain exercise. So fun.

I could name drop all day long [and trust me, if I run out of things to blog, I will just start listing big deals that I see on a regular basis], but I just have to tell you a story to remind us all what a dork I am. No comment on your previous knowledge in this area.

As a young teen, my VERY FAVORITE author was Robin Jones Gunn– creator of one of my dearest friends, Christy Miller. Ok, so we aren’t so much “friends” as she is a “character in a book series”, but tom-ay-to, tom-ah-to. Shannon and I have discussed Robin often since they are close friends. But when I saw her, standing just a few feet from me, 14-year-old Annie could hardly contain herself. As my mouth took complete control [never good] and I heard myself spilling all sorts of dork-infested secrets of my love for Christy, I had a good revelation that I need every so often. I’m not near as cool as I think I am.

Now that I have talked with her a few times, even spend some time yesterday getting her wisdom on a situation, I am all the more impressed with her- not just as an author, but a woman of God. And maybe a friend. If she doesn’t fear me.

I wish I could tell you all the details of the good things God is doing here for me, but it feels premature to spill the beans. But I will say that this weekend has validated for me that my desire to write may be matched with the actual ability to write well. I know you guys say things like that a lot [and I really appreciate that], but you kind of have to- I pay you in giveaways and embarrassing videos.

And y’all, the girls He has given me for friends? Too good. Let’s just say we have had a few deep in the belly laughing sessions already. Mainly around the idea of jean jumpers (when are those NOT funny?) and the likelihood that hobos still exist. Because I am a firm believer that they do.

Today, I plan to take a bunch of pictures so you can actually see what this place looks like. Also, I’m thinking the Mt. Hermonistas and I may possibly need to make a video. I’m still praying about it.

I pray you are blessed today, on Palm Sunday. These week, and what it meant to Jesus, always gives me goosebumps, even now as I type. Though I am a woman who loves words, there are not enough to express what this Holy Week means to me, to us, to the entire human race. So I won’t try. I’ll just say this- we love You, Jesus.

**SUPER EXCITING SIDE NOTE! Congrats to my friends Brett and Holly on the birth of their new baby girl, Mary Mayes!! Many blessings on her- what an awesome direct family (and extended family!) she now has!!**

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