A Texas-sized favor.

Now you are nervous. Don’t be. The favor I have to ask of you really ISN’T Texas-sized. It’s actually quite small. It will take approximately 2 minutes of your time.

Some friends of mine in Houston [get the Texas reference now?] are trying to win $25,000 from Home Depot. By rapping. Nice. Twenty percent of the deciding vote is how many people watch the rap from start to finish on YouTube.

So where I would usually post the video here, you’re gonna have to take an extra 2 seconds to click over to YouTube (hence the 2 minutes- 1:58 of video, 0:02 of clicking) to watch it.

Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9Z2fZhBqhw

Yeah, right HERE.

If you missed those two, click HERE and watch it.

Or you could click all three and help them out thrice over. Just remember you have to watch the video from start to finish for it to count.

Listen, they aren’t going to get a $25,000 recording contract to be famous rap artists, so the least we can do is boost them to victory so that Home Depot’s money can be theirs to spend. And the freestyling can continue for hobby only, not for making the big bucks.

Let’s blow up YouTube to show the Long family that Annie’s bloggites and blogmies make a difference in this world. Blogmies, feel free to post a link on your blog as well.

I’ve never had someone ask me to use our combined blog powers (powogs? blogowers?) for the betterment of the world like this. [Maybe not the “world” per say, but the Longs’ world, that’s for sure.] So I feel a little pressure to help them win. So please. Just click HERE and watch it.

Our next group project to better the world? Fill all of Georgia’s pools with pudding. It’s all about conserving water, people.

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