A tribute to my roommate.

jamie_the_roomiePoor Jamie.

You should all feel really sorry for her.  I mean, not because there is something wrong with her, per say.  Except her living situation.

Namely having to live with me.

Because in the last month or so, while I’ve been staying up super late, writing for hours a day, and thinking about my book pretty much constantly, my brain has had space for little else.

Things like, oh I don’t know, cleaning up after myself, doing the dishes, and removing my clothes from the dryer…. for example.

So Jamie has been single-handedly running our home, which is less than fair.  And there is no good excuse I have.  I mean, I could pull the “creative” card, or the “working the hardest I’ve worked in my life” card, but none of them make up for me leaving dishes in the sink for two days, rushing home from church thinking, “Oh man, I better do those dishes RIGHT NOW or Jamie will do them and I’ll feel terrible”.

Only to find that Jamie already did my dishes.  And took out the trash.  And vacuumed.


I’m not always like this.  [no comments from former roommates will be approved.] It’s just that when I prioritize my time, a large amount of things come before cleaning.  I’m really good at prioritizing, just not so good at prioritizing correctly.

I fully recognize that it is way uncool to be roommates with someone who is creative and messy and too laid back.  And maybe “inconsiderate” should be in that list too.  Maybe.

So this post is a public apology to Jamie for having to live with me this month.  We’ve moving houses on Feb. 1 and I’m here to say that I’m really going to try to learn to balance my creative laid back side with the side of me that cleans up.  Cause contrary to what you have seen recently, Jamie, I really do have a clean up side.

I apologized in person, in text, and on the phone.  She’s totally cool and accepted my apology.  And sure, this may be “over doing it” a smidge, but you did not see the pile of dishes I left.  Let’s just say I made seven layer dip and used at least one bowl for each layer.  Yikes-a-rama.

But the dip was delicious.

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