A first class sacrifice.

When I got on the plane from Atlanta to Nashville, I didn’t notice anyone else.

I am what some would label “self-absorbed” in situations like that where I don’t know anyone and have a destination. As I sat and got comfy, I began to listen to the sounds and conversations around me. [Because I tend to fluctuate between self-absorbed and completely nosy.]

As the flight attendants slammed the overhead compartments shut, the two hens behind me were cackling back and forth about all the ways they plan to stick it to their HOA president. “Oh… I’ll get that gnome and put it right beside the mailbox. That’s against the rules, right?” Nothing says good drama like some neighborhood drama. There was a young guy from Britain across the aisle reading a book and he would audibly grunt in agreement about once every 30 seconds. I wanted to be friends with him, if for no other reason than to hear about this awesome book.

A flight attendant walked by and tapped the man sitting two rows in front of me. “We have a seat in first class if you’d like it.”

My mind began to race. I mean, I know it’s only a 36 minute flight, and I actually have a row to myself, but come ON! Flying from Atlanta to Nashville? Dude must be famous. I wanted to remind her that HELLO I can list a few reasons I should be in first class- namely that I am good enough, smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me. I DESERVE first class as much as famous guy. Just because he is “faayyymusss” [said in a very snotty voice and rolling my eyes].

He stood up and as his shoulders came into view, I saw sand and olive colored fatigues. Graciously saying “Why, thank you,” he moved out into the aisle and headed to the one remaining seat in first class.

Dude wasn’t famous. He was a member of the United Stated Army.  My protection. A servant to our country.

I teared up, realizing for the ump-teenth time that I am officially a jerk.

There are some deeper truths and issues that God and I are going to discuss today. [And by “discuss” I mean, “He’s going to deal with my sinful heart”.]

Namely, why was I not satisfied with a row to myself?

And dear Annie, it was 36 minutes. Really? REALLY? Sheesh. You are insufferable.

Greater than these, though, is the reminder that my selfish reasons for deserving a first class seat pale in comparison to what got him there.


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