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A blog post in which I use a list and do not trash talk.

1.  My friend Hillary is in a country group called Lady Antebellum.  I teared up this morning when they got  nominated not once, but TWICE for CMA Awards- New Artist of the Year and Vocal Group of the Year.  [You can watch Lady A announce the nominations, themselves included.  It is the sweetest thing.]  To say I will be on the edge of my sofa on November 12th is the understatement of this century.

2.  Tonight is this event.  Yes, I finally purchased an outfit that I semi-enjoy, though that $200 dress still calls me late at night and talks about what might have been.  Apparently the event is sold out which does nothing but cause me to fear the sweat situation.  Lots of trendy people dancing in a small space = I’m going to be sweaty.

3.  My friend Marisa gave me this verse the first week I moved to Nashville and it has been on my mind a lot lately.

Jeremiah 29:7

“Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you… Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.”

4.  Speaking of scripture, did you notice we moved on to vs. 4-5 of Psalm 145?  Hope you are memorizing along with me.  Cause that junk is GOOD and I LIKE having it in my head.

5.  “Smile, Wednesday” will be presented on Thursday.  I think.

6.  This week is Next Big Nashville, which should be some music-hearin’ good times.  Do you recognize any bands that you think I should not miss under any circumstances?  I’m for sure seeing Brooke Waggoner, Thad Cockrell, and Ten out of Tenn on Saturday night.  So don’t you worry ’bout that.

7.  Seriously.  I just heard something drop on the other side of my bedroom and I thought “mouse!”.  But it just appears that a paperclip was teetering to close to the edge of the desk and fell into the trashcan.  I’m a wee bit jumpy.  Sue me.

8.  Sophie is preaching a good word today.  Amen, sister.  Amen.

Phew… it got a little linky in here.  Sorry about that.

Smile, Wednesday.  We gotta big night ahead of us.

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