And to you I say BRAVO.

I have a love for the Bravo Network. Not all shows, mind you. Let me start by saying that I am NOT endorsing the beliefs of this channel or every show. There are a couple that I absolutely DO NOT watch and think they suck the good out of the room if they are on TV. But there are some shows. Sigh. That I love deeply. And instead of sucking good out of the room, they fill the room with beauty and light and pure enjoyment.

That may be a slight exaggeration. But you know what I mean.

Which shows, you ask? Continue on.

#1-Top Chef.

A cooking show that pits chef against chef in competitions. A reality game show foody-Survivor kind of thing. My bfry Haley and I used to watch episode after episode. We could discuss it at length. I’m not a chef, but I am a bit of a foody. I have a deep appreciation for well made food with high quality ingredients, like my friends Jake and Melissa. So, I can watch Top Chef challenges, quick fire competitions, and back stabbing baking non-stop. I was just looking on the Bravo website and they offer “Top Chef” ringtones. Hmm. Riddle me that one. Is my phone going to ring to the sound of a blender making a sun-dried tomato and olive oil emulsion?

That’s right. I just dropped an “emulsion”. I got that kind of skill. Thanks to Tom and Padma.

#2- Project Runway.
Fashion. Accessories. Tim Gunn. I can ask for no more from one series. My friend Jamie does a ridiculously fabulous job of recapping the show each week. The episode that I am currently watching has the contestants building an outfit out of a photo they took of New York at night. I love their attitudes, how Suede insists on talking in 3rd person, and the store they go to that has walls and walls of fabric. I have no idea how to sew, or really dress fashionably at all, but that one building makes me drool.

A judge just said “That outfit says ‘I have a knife and I will cut you’. I love it.” I wish I had an outfit that said that. I think my Old Navy jeans and black fleece say something more along the lines of “I have a spoon and I will eat you.” Touche.

#3- Real Housewives of the OC/NYC.
Both of them. Love ’em. Listen, I’m not saying I want to BE these women cause I don’t. I’m just saying that nothing says relaxation like watching really rich women play tennis on the Hamptons, go to Fashion Week events, and purchase purses that cost about the same as my Toyota Camry. And are almost as big.

#4- Shear Genius.
I’m new to this one, but I like it so far. Maybe because I am in a bad need of a cool haircut. I’ve only seen two episodes but I am unofficially hooked. They used about forty-two different shades of dye, forty-two different brushes, and forty-two different ways to argue about who was the best stylist. And who is the most genius. I can answer that- THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS SHOW.

And my very favorite. The creme de la creme. The one show that could receive a standing BRAVO from me. Every episode.

#5- Flipping Out.
I must take a deep breath because this show is just that good to me. Let me expound. If I can do this without standing up and cheering. First of all, they flip AMAZING houses and when he’s ready to put them on the market, they are full of fine fine FINE furniture.

Jeff, the star, is completely OCD and bossy and insensitive and I adore him. He has me hook, line, and rude little sinker. He fires people for forgetting guacamole, for heaven’s sake. That’s a shockingly low tolerance for mistakes and I say yes sir you deserve your own show.

The whole thing is so beautifully high stress and every decision is a really big deal, or so Jeff believes. And we get to watch it all.

So if you’ve been wondering how my writing career has been doing, or if I have gotten all my packing done, I hope this blog answers that question for you.


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