Anybody know a Jeff Mills?

A funny thing happened this week.

I got a google notification that “Annie Downs” had popped up on Amazon.

I checked it out and immediately knew that you people would enjoy this story.

So apparently Johanna Bock, an author in the UK, has written a new book called Knight Vision. Here’s the cover.

Not entertained yet [except by the clipart]? Well. Let me share the description.

Twenty-three-year-old, Annie Downs, stumbles upon her ‘knight in shining armor’, Jeff Mills, when and where she least expects. Through his words and actions, he banishes the hidden skeletons in her soul, envelops her in the love story she craves, and proves to her that beloved romance stories are not just fictional, but can indeed be true. In doing so, Jeff fulfills her fantasy, her knight vision.

Y’all. I’m the star of a book in the UK. Good news bad news. Good news is the Kindle edition [the only addition] of the book is free. Bad news is that you can’t download it outside of the UK. [Lucky for me, I used to live in Scotland so I’m totally going to beg some of my friends over there to download it, read it, and send me a full summary.]

Since the description doesn’t really tell us much, so I’m just going to go back to my life as a 23 year old and fill in the blanks for you.

“Twenty-three-year-old, Annie Downs, stumbles upon her ‘knight in shining armor’, Jeff Mills, when and where she least expects.”  At 23, I was teaching elementary school in Georgia, so pretty much I was surrounded by single boys, but they were all under 10 years old. I also was a super overachiever, so I was at school by 6am and stayed until 4ish. Let’s all wonder together why I never met a boy that year. So where would I have met Jeff Mills where I least expected it? ANYWHERE.

“he banishes the hidden skeletons in her soul…” Dramatic sentence much, Johanna Bock? Here are the hidden skeletons in my soul: I always wished to be on the Mickey Mouse Club and it still breaks my heart that it never happened.

“Jeff fulfills her fantasy, her knight vision.” Wait. Are you saying that this Jeff Mills character can somehow take 23 year old Annie out of the 5th grade classroom and whisk her away to Orlando and make her a cast member on the long cancelled Mickey Mouse Club?

I’m sold.

Who knows Jeff Mills? Come on, y’all. Someone introduce a sister to this knight in shining armor. Seriously. I want to be on Disney.

The other option is that Knight Vision is a book about my life as an undercover cop who only runs stings at night and ends up falling in love with one of the criminals who we find out is actually my childhood sweetheart who was in an accident and had lost his memory of being a good guy until he sees me again THROUGH NIGHT VISION GOGGLES and returns to his former life of being an upright citizen.

Either way, this is a highlight of my week and I totally hope I get to read the book someday. Please, Johanna Bock? Can I have a copy?

. . . . .

On a less bizarro note, I’m writing today over at (in)courage about a truly heartbreaking comment we received a few weeks ago. I’d love for you to check it out.

. . . . .

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