Are you in Seaside?

After I blogged about running/walking/crawling the Seaside Half Marathon last week, a whole bunch of you left comments or emailed me saying that you too would be running this race.

That’s crazy cool.


You’re probably going to beat me. Which I’m actually fine with. I’m going to finish. I’ll be the blogger behind you.

This is more of just a public service announcement that if you are here, and you plan on heading to pick up your packet on Saturday, let’s meet up and take a picture! How cutey-patootie would THAT be?

So we don’t know exactly what time we’ll head to pick up our packets – it depends on the weather. But we’ll be there way before dinner- more towards the noonish side of the event. Probably before 3? Look for any of these six girls and come up and say hi! [I’ve prepped them- they are excited to meet you!]

Seriously! Let’s have a meet up! Let’s meet! And chat! About racing! And take a picture! And I’m excited! Apparently!

Check on twitter @annieblogs because I’ll say when we go to pick up our packets. Also, @reply me when you head in and we’ll all find each other.

It’ll be like friends meeting up…. except we’ll be meeting for the first time. So, that’ll be kinda awkward, but we’ll be so excited about the 13 miles in our future that the awkward will just evaporate.

Yay for Seaside!

Let's be friends!

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