It feels like SUCH a long time since I’ve blogged anything. Strange. Because the good joke it that it has been less than a week. That’s what love feels like, I guess. 🙂

Have you heard of Paste Magazine? I dig it. Heather and I went to a party at their headquarters last night in Decatur and I was totally impressed with them. I wasn’t as impressed with us- we didn’t mingle well, but we had a real good time. It’s an interesting magazine with an interestingly undercover Christian vibe. Their motto is “Signs of Life in Music, Film, and Culture”. It’s a world of Christianity that I like. I can’t explain it- I’m not doing a good job now. But I like when the world accepts, even praises, a publication (Paste) or a band (Switchfoot or Third Day) for the quality of their work, not considering their “religious” ties, does that make sense? I like when non-Christians recognize high quality art from high quality people… then those people end up loving Jesus.

I read over that paragraph and there is probably something theologically wrong about my thoughts, and I know that in advance. You can comment and tell me anyways, but know that I know that. Someone probably thinks things like Paste are “gray” and we’re supposed to be “black and white”. I respect that. But my response would be this: Do you think the president of the Coca-Cola’s music department would feel comfortable drinking a beer at a Focus on the Family party? Would he even come? He came last night- and is friends with the big guy at Paste, who is a Christian. So there is a connection, a respect, and door opened, that may not occur elsewhere. Without even knowing it, he may have walked right into his salvation. You know?

(Don’t get mad- I’m not a FOTF hater. In fact, I always check “Plugged In Online” before I go see a movie. I love James Dobson. It was just an example.)

Singer/Songwriter de jour- Brandon Heath.

People keep asking me “How are you?”. I bet you get that a lot, too, don’t you? It’s a polite opener. And the answer is “good”. Then the follow up is “What have you been up to?” I don’t have an answer. And it frustrates me.

Do I say, “Well, I’ve been hanging out with my friends and trying to figure out what it looks like to be a 26 year old /single /school teacher /reader /cook /budget keeper /granddaughter /writer /friend /Christian /mentor /dreamer /blogger /daughter /sister /tutor in Kennesaw. And I think I miss the mark every day.” Because something tells me that is not what people want to hear. I would get a lot of awkward smiles.

So my answer is this- “Working hard on the Missions Auction. Wanna donate something?” to church friends and “Nothing much. But no news is good news, right?” to everyone else. What people want to hear and what I say rarely match up. Oh well. 🙂

But I want you to know that if you’ve called to hang out, or want to get together, or wish I blogged more, or wish I would invest in your kids more often, and I’ve putzed out on you, I recognize that I’m not too good at life right now. I don’t know why. Don’t worry about me- I’m not sad or depressed or anything. I’m just learning how to balance. And when you’re learning how to do something, I think you must have to do it wrong a good bit. But I’m getting it right some too. I think.

On a completely different note- I don’t want to miss God this season. The main reason I say this is because I’ve been telling God that everyday, but it still feels like I am. Does that make any sense? Know the feeling? So maybe if I blog it, and He reads my blog today, it will change something.

This is a random blog day. If you are a symmetrical person and you like things that have order, I’m sorry. And I’m sorry we’re friends because I bet I make you a little crazy. But I’m glad we’re friends because that shows that you are a patient person, and I want to learn that. Will you teach me?

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