BATL comes to a close.

Not much has ruled in 07 like BATL. Mom and I are still here- I refuse to end BATL.

Last night was hard core- we ate at the Dillard House. KTB didn’t even know what was coming. She was overwhelmed. We couldn’t take one picture, we were too focused on the meal at hand. The amount of meat? You wouldn’t believe. Fried chicken. Grilled chicken. Country ham. Pork. It was unreal. We took one picture afterwards, but there is nothing flattering about a post-DH photo, so it will remain locked securely in iPhoto.

This morning, against ALL of our better judgements, we went after the DH leftovers. KTB was feeling so brave that she went after the dressing without even heating it up. Oh, you don’t believe me? Fine.Booyah. Get on it, B. Nice job. More proof that we defeated the Dillard? Ok, got it.Caroline went totally King Arthur on some fried chicken. She was doing the classic “one bite chicken-one bite ham” combo. Genius. Marie, though she had experienced the joy of Dillard before, somehow the leftovers made a serious impact on her life. See for yourself.I know. It’s shocking. But good leftovers can do that to you. I’m pretty sure she had just eaten a yeast roll and some country ham. Folks, don’t even be surprised. This is what happens.

And THIS is what happens to a Gabriel’s red velvet cake on BATL. If cutting a cake like this is wrong, I don’t want to be right.This trip has been fun. Real fun. And as Marie mentioned in her blog, a quote from Caroline, we have some serious “generational bud-ness” going on. Age apparently doesn’t really matter to us- we just hang and laugh. And we do it well. And I guess we aren’t really gender-biased either, being that we did have a Prince of BATL. All jokes aside, I recognize I’m very blessed- in friends and family. BATL reminded me of that. I seriously love these people.

My plan now? Well, I’m gonna watch “Stranger Than Fiction” and probably have some sort of weird thought/revelation that you are going to have to read about tomorrow. Movies tend to do that to me. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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