BATL photos

It’s 1:06pm. Most of us are still in our pajamas, though some have abandoned the pjs and put on regular clothes in order to leave. 🙁 Jarrett, Haley, and Molly will be leaving us now…. their BATL was short, but lovely.

Here’s some photos of our good times this morning.

Molly is pondering a recipe. KTB does not love that I’m photoing this early in the morning. But she looks so good, who even cares.

Haley is playing one of Jarrett’s favorite games- “SO BIG!”. He’s cracking up.
Molly’s tired. Or dead. I’m going to go with “tired” since she’s eating pimento cheese and chicken salad for lunch. And this picture was taken before lunch.
Haley is good at making Jarrett laugh. She’s also good at making me and Molly laugh.
Please bow in the presence of the Prince of BATL.
Or don’t…. he’s sleeping now. He won’t even notice if you don’t bow.
This is what we do at BATL.
He’s the cutest man in the world. I mean it. Every time he does something, we all grab our cameras and shoot the mess out of the moment.That’s all for now. We’re going down to the lake. It’s gonna be so good. Peace out.

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