BATL Update #1

Here’s something you need to know. It’s spring break. And we are at BATL- Break At The Lake. You may wonder why the comments on my blog are less. That’s mainly due to the fact that those that comment the most are sitting in the living room with me.

The BATLers? Pam, Annie, Molly, Caroline, Katie B, Marie Claire, Haley, and Jarrett. It’s a good, solid crowd of people who love each other and don’t even care what we do. It’s BATL.

Let me give you a glimpse into what is happening right now. Caroline is loving Jarrett (the J man, as you probably know him) so much that he is giggling. I think the bubbles at his mouth are joy bubbles from being over loved. We call him “The Prince of BATL”.

Mama is eating chicken salad. It’s so good. It’s not even right.

Haley is chillin’ after a long morning at the dock with Jarrett and his cabana. What? A baby doesn’t deserve his own cabana? Who are you, even, to think like that? Of course he needs it. And he looks good in it. I’ll post a picture as soon as we figure out wireless at the lakehouse.

Molly, well she’s reading my blog over my shoulder. It’s sweet, I guess, to have a friend so near and dear, but I can also smell the pimento cheese and olive oil/black pepper triscuits on her breath, and it’s kinda making me queasy.

KTB and Marie, I’m afraid to say they have already busted out the guitar hero. And that is where I’m headed now. I love that game. Mostly because I rule at it. Oh…. Marie says it’s not working….. probably better. I hate ruling.

And thank you, Mac, that my mom won’t listen to any other CD on the house system except “Glory Revealed”. I was taking a good solid nap until the volume got away from her and “By His Wounds” blasted through the home. I love the CD….. as you know….. but I also love taking naps on BATL.

We do what we want on BATL. Slice the red velvet cake weirdly so we get more icing. Read magazines for 2 hours. Sleep until 10am. Watch Anchorman. Watch Lady In The Water. Laugh with Jarrett. Quote Dave Barnes. We don’t even care.

Pictures coming soon.

Just remember…. we do what we want. It’s BATL.

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