Be lifted high.

Sunday at church, we sang this chorus over and over again.

In my life, be lifted high.

In my world, be lifted high.

In my love, be lifted high.

And I cried. [I know you are shocked. Because hello I cry like other people breathe.]

Two weeks from today I land in Scotland and I’ll be there for five months.


In my life…

My life is changing so much. At my BFFroomie Laura’s birthday on Saturday, I had my first goodbye. And it broke my heart. I moved out of the house the next day and I’m staying with a family until I leave. I’m not brave. I’m worried that so much will happen while I’m gone. I’m missing weddings and engagements and breakups and babies and life.

I know it’s just 5 months. I know it’s an amazing opportunity. I know I know I know.

But it’s not free.

My friend Skip says I have ATMS Disease- “Afraid To Miss Something” – and I’ll tell you what. My ATMS is RAGING right now. Absolutely raging.

And Sunday morning, when I sang, “In my life, be lifted high…” I thought of my friends and the ATMS and the lives that will keep on going without me. And I thought about how, even though it feels like a major sacrifice to leave my people, I want God to be lifted high in my life- and I think Scotland is where that happens this fall.

In my world….

As we sang, I thought of Scotland. And Cape Town. And Costa Rica. And France. And Prague. And all the places where people I know and love are serving God. And I thought of my little world– the girls who read my book, the friends [you!] who read my blog, my friends, my family.

God has given each of us a world. You have a world. I have a world. And I want God to be lifted high in my world.

In my love…

I just love my people. I know you love your people too. I love the little ones that make me laugh and I love the big ones that make me laugh. I love my Marietta people and my Nashville people and my people in the USA and my people in other countries. And I think God puts that in our hearts as a way we can worship Him. The Bible even says that when we care for other people it is like we are caring for Jesus. (Matthew 25: 31-46)

So I sat in church thinking of how I love my church, my pastor, my friends who sit around me, and I thought about how loved I feel in that place.

And I told God how much I feel Him lifted high in that place.

In my life, be lifted high.

In my world, be lifted high.

In my love, be lifted high.

We’ve sang that chorus for years. And yet, this Sunday, it broke my heart and changed me.

. . . . . .

What is your favorite worship song?

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