Be ye not concerned.

Yes, you have come to the right place.

Things are kinda getting switched up around here at the ole blog, but don’t you worry about it.

Just cause the restaurant gets a fancy new menu doesn’t mean the food is any different.

And by “fancy”, I mean “a shorter name that doesn’t feel ridiculous to say outloud to people when they ask the title of my blog”.

Don’t stress about changing your blog roll [thanks for having me on your blog roll], cause there are bigger changes coming and I’m not one to lay a yoke of multi-link changing on your neck.

So just hang on and I’ll give you the thumbs up when it’s time for the ole switcharoo.

For the weekend, I’m HERE, at Deeper Still in Atlanta. (You can check in throughout the day as Sophie aka BooMama and Melanie aka BigMama blog their little hearts out live from the event.)

There aren’t even good words to start to explain what God is doing. Ok, here’s one – BIG.

We’ll talk later.

Question: “What does Annie do?”

Annie Blogs.

See? Easy huh? I know. I like it too.

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