beautiful reminder.

“Our Father does not create us with painfully strong desires and dreams solely to break our spirits when they do not come to pass. Sometimes the purpose of both the dream and the devastation are one: to loosen our clinging ties to this life and lift our chin toward eternity. At least, that is what He did with me.

He is good. There have been times I doubted…where I knew cognitively that He was good but could not see Him doing good to me. Ah, but He does–even when He does not give us what we want.”

A beautiful quote from my friend Natalie.

A beautiful reminder of who He is and how He LOVES. If anything lately, I have learned the importance of surrendering what I want to Him and embracing what He gives, even if it is not what I want. Because of His great LOVE.

I love this season. I love learning.

I’m learning LOVE.

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