Blog it out on SB08

That’s what my friend James told me to do. Or better yet, asked if I do. My response is yes, I think I tend to blog it out every now and again. It a version of hugging it out, just using the world wide web. You know.

[Go ahead and click on James’ link and listen to his music as you read the blog. I’m doing it and it’s going really well so far. Nice.]

Day 1 of Spring Break 08 has been glorious.

A day where I totally took a Sabbath from all writing and editing. Because boundaries are good, people. And when I told myself “Don’t work on Sunday, no blog, no nothing”, I didn’t really listen. And I worked my tail feathers off last night on some writing stuff. So today? Computer free. Ish. Microsoft Word free for certain.

First, I had a homeopathic doctor appointment this morning. Congrats on hiding out, parasite in my liver. You’ll be leaving now. Eww. (I had her check for a tapeworm, just to ease my fears. No worries. Worm free.)

Then I spent the afternoon napping. Because I can.

Dinner with Haley, Jarrett, and my favorite part of Easter 08.

Then an evening with my friends watching basketball (that was crazy, by the way!), eating a frosty, and adding “that’s what she said” to every sentence.

I’m reminded today that my life is pretty rad.

Do you know my friend James? If not, you need to. He’s kinda a big deal. One day, I’m going to run his merc tables in big arenas. And get to wear a headset. I’m just sayin’.

And listen, if you haven’t gotten Dave Barnes’ CD, it’s only $5.99 on iTunes. That’s 50 cents a song and I consider that highway robbery but Dave is down with it.

Happy birthday to my Hermonista friend Linda! I’m a better person and far better writer because of you and the other Hermonistas. Much love. See you in June.

Tomorrow I have a ton of writing stuff to work on. You know what that means for you? A really hilarious blog because I’m what medical professionals call a “procrastinator”.

Maybe my liver parasite is a procrastinator too? I’ll ask.

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