My friends Donnie and Katie had a baby girl about two weeks ago. There were many complications that they found out about during pregnancy- here is a quote from their blog (because I am not NEAR smart enough to explain this), written to their newborn daughter Catherine.

“on april 2, at 17 weeks and 6 days pregnant, we got great news! it was a sweet little girl growing inside of me and we would get to buy lots of pink and frilly things! but we also got some very sad news. on the same ultrasound we saw that your heart was on the wrong side of your body, and that your stomach was up in your chest next to your heart. this means you have a congenital diaphragmatic hernia. silly diaphragm not closing like it should…there is a chance more things in your belly could slide up there into your chest, but that’s actually not the biggest problem-that could be fixed with surgery pretty easily once you get out here and meet us. the problem is that your heart is now taking up the right side of your chest and your stomach is taking up the left side of your chest, and your lungs might not ever have a chance to grow without anything in their way.”

As of today, she is doing far better than anyone expected. On Tuesday, September 2, she will be having her first surgery.

Please pray for baby Catherine and for her parents Donnie and Katie. God could not have picked two more trustworthy servants to bring Him glory in all of this. We believe that NOTHING is impossible for Him. We claim 1 Corinthians 14:33- “For God is not a God of disorder but of peace”- may He continue to bring peace to Donnie, Katie, and their families as well as bring order to Catherine’s organs.

You can read all the letters to Catherine during the pregnancy HERE at their blog. (Have tissues, you mommy-bloggers out there.) This is also the best place to keep up with them during/after surgery.

Donnie and Katie, you are in our hearts. Much love, and prayers, to you both and to sweet Catherine.

[All comments will be sent directly to Donnie and Katie, if you’d like to leave a prayer or word of encouragement or specific scripture for them. You are also welcome to comment on their blog directly.]

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