So I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with some of my greatest college buddies- Jake and Melissa Hunt. We were neighbors in what would be considered a pretty high class neighborhood for a couple of years in Athens. (Please hear the sarcasm in that.) Melissa is pregnant. Very pregnant. Like, 8 days until manchild Hunt is due. They aren’t telling the name, but they said the initials were “P.7.” Do you think that’s true?

When I arrived on Friday, it was a FryFest. On purpose. Jake, as you see in the picture, is able to run 2 fryers simultaneously. That’s not your average skill, people. And the hush puppies. Shut up. They rule. And of course, I had things to tell Jake. Do you understand that I drove 4 hours to Charlotte, NC with NO ONE to talk to? Yep, Jake reaped that harvest.The Hunts and I are what you might call “Foodies”. We have a deep appreciation for fine food. Unfortunately, none of us have budgets that allow for the finery that we love. But we can look. We went to a farmer’s market (gorgeous produce- including a baby pineapple), an Italian store (that I’m pretty sure I can still smell if I close my eyes), and a fresh market (where the meats looked like pieces of art). It was insane. And beautiful.

Then some of their friends (BLESSED- that’s what the Hunts are) came over to make art for P.7. Hunt’s room. And I wanted you to see 2 things:
1) Kids are abstract. Jesus says to be like kids. I knew I was on to something…
2) I feel the need to honor these particular people- the Purdy’s. Because these two men, plus the wife/mom Kristen, have a DEEP love for CostCo. That’s all it takes to be friends with me and be blog-honored (blonored?).
And then we made pizza with some delicious dough bought from said Italian store. Seriously, Melissa looks awesome, doesn’t she? I actually saw P.7. Hunt poke his shoulder out of her belly. It was alien and beautiful all at the same time.What a great weekend. I don’t know if this makes any sense, but I desperately needed to hit the reset button on my life. Know what I mean? And these sweet friends opened their home to me and gave me a relaxing and fun weekend. I feel refreshed and centered (are Christians allowed to say that?) and settled. In my soul.

Thanks Jake and Melissa. Thanks P.7. Hunt for sharing your room with me. Thanks Purdys for loving CostCo.

FYI- Sorry for the rare blog entries. It’s just the way my life is right now.

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