Chinese Train Car.

So, my teacher friend Jenn comes into my room talking about hearing music by Chinese Train Car. Guess what she meant?

Mannheim Steamroller!

If that doesn’t make you laugh outloud, or at least giggle, you’ve had a long day.

I’m warning you before you even get settled into this blog that it is going to be choppy and themeless and scattered. Welcome to my life.

Let me tell you the best quote of the day. Thank you, Jesse Weber.

“Blogs are not replacements for end of the year [Christmas] letters.”

Oh wise sage Jesse strikes again. So profound- I actually wrote it down. I hope that is not how you, my invisible reader friend, feels about this particular blog. I hope you don’t feel like I’m telling you how much my puppy has grown, or how great my new cubicle is at the office, or how close I came to winning a car, or anything like that. I try instead to let you live inside the insanity that is my mind for about 7 minutes a couple of times a week. I hope it makes you grateful to be on that side of the screen. Can you even fathom how much junk gets filtered out before I actually publish this thing? Yeah, my brain is similar to my grandfather’s garage- full of things that were once useful but are now trash- only around because there is a strange peaceful feeling found in the clutter.

I warned you.

Molly (shout out to my most faithful reader) and I went for a late din-din at Sam and Dave’s BBQ and ole Uncle Jesse walks in and sits down with us. We proceed to discuss everything under the internet sun and life in general. I have my fingers crossed (which has made typing difficult) that Jesse is at home right now, eating his BBQ and mac and cheese, and planning to begin his own blog.

Kathleen says that monkey bread is “the ultimate carb”. I consider it “the ultimate awesome”.

If you haven’t heard, I have the most amazing class this year, including the dude with the stache. I love teaching. Which puts a major kink in the ole “let’s find a new career” plan. But that’s okay- remember I don’t know anything. Still surrounded by overturned tables. (see previous blog titled “This Is What I Know”) God will make all things clear. I love Him.

I had bread with honey on it for breakfast. And I’m dying to know what chemical reaction happens that causes the honey bread to get crunchy when the honey soaks in. I should ask someone, like Mr. Wizard. Who’s with me, 80s’ kids?

I was wishing I had a good picture to post now. Kelli’s cell group is downstairs, so my room has become my holding pen, which is okay cause I really like it. I don’t love to fold laundry, but it is currently preventing me from sitting in my favorite chair in the world. So, I thought, before I folded the laundry, I would let you see the situation. I was unable to fold at the appropriate time because my roommates needed the dryer; I was already asleep. I can’t fold clothes in my sleep. So to the chair they went. I promise I usually fold immediately. Well, immediately-ish.

This may not be the most high quality blog I’ve ever done, but it sure has been fun.

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