Christmas Tour of Homes 08

BooMamaChristmasTourAnd in Annie world, “Christmas Tour of Homes” translates to “WOW.  Look at what Roomie has been doing while Annie watched episodes of Arrested Development on”

Because nothing fills me with Christmas spirit like television on the internet and Buster Bluth.  Agreed? Who’s with me?


And okay. On to the decorations.

On the door, a lovely star full of Christmas like things from the woods.


Trust me, if times get tough enough, I’m busting this thing open and having a snack.  Don’t put it past me.

The tree is super cute.  A short little guy, but I love him just the same.


I know, right?  Precious.  Roomie is quite the decorator.  And it has a bit of a red and black theme because we have a small obsession with love for the Georgia Bulldogs.  A little touch of gold never hurt anybody either.  And by little touch I assume you know I mean that delicate bow.

And I just liked this angle.


So there’s your tender Tennessee Christmas [that’s for you, Robyn].  And here’s the real reason I don’t have any of my holiday items- I left all my decorations in Marietta and forgot to get them when I went home for Thanksgiving. So my nativity scene and my Atlanta Falcons ornaments and my Glory Haus sign are all huddled together in the cold storage unit asking themselves, “What did we ever do to her to deserve this?”.

And in shame I answer, “It’s not you.  It’s me.  And the size of my car that limits what items come with me to Nashville.”

Agreed.  I should have brought the baby Jesus and left the box of purses.

Merry Christmas, bloggy friends.

Come back tomorrow for my favorite holiday snack [I made 147 on Saturday for this guy‘s party] and my favorite gift to give in 2008 [I can’t make these].

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