That’s funny to me. Cause I’m going to show you some pictures and when you take a picture, the old cameras used to make a “click” sound. And then also I’m going to give you links to see, and you will “click” on those.

[See? It’s like a double meaning.]

[I’m a wordsmith. What can I say.]

First of all, in my pre-Nash life, I taught school.  And I recently had the pleasure of heading back to my ole stomping grounds for the homecoming football game.

The 5th graders I taught are now 10th and 11th graders. They are no longer in the stands. They are on homecoming court and they are making the game ending interception.

It. Is. Awesome.

I thought it would entertain us all to see some side by side then & now shots.


Top is 2009 and bottom is 2004. The height. Just for starters. But also both girls have gone from cute to beautiful. Love ’em.


Left is 2009 and right is 2004. This one is wild to me. Because he is a man now. Not just a cute kid. But an entertaining, respectful, kind, and hilarious dude.

Anyways, just thought that was cool. I’m totally crazy about these kids and their families. And I’ll be posting pictures again in another five years probably.

Here’s the other picture I’m excited about today. Me with some of my (in)courage buddies (L to R, Angie, me, Stephanie, and Jessica). It was just one of my favorite Friday nights in a while. I really love the new friendships that are growing here.


I mean, there have been more pictures taken recently. But I’m thinking of bringing back Smile, Wednesday. So I gotta save some of the goods.

Now, it’s your turn to click.

[See what I did there? Brought back the double meaning joke. It’s a gift, really. Being this witty.]

Sophie linked to this article about online safety this week. And after seriously considering moving to the year 1845, I instead decided to make some online changes and thought you might should take a peek at the article too.

Y’all have been so sweet and excited about the new prayer plan (part 1 and part 2) that some of you have taken to the contact page and sent me some other prayer posts to read. So I thought I’d share those with those gathered here today.

How To Build A House of Prayer (gorgeous pictures and tear-jerking ideas)

The Power of Consistency (how to stick it out and make real changes)

I know that second one is about weight loss, but it works for prayer as well. Any discipline, really. And we don’t exactly talk about “weight” around here.

Except here. A handful of us in Nashville are doing this fun healthy living challenge for the month of October. Now I’ll be skippy with you, it’s not the easiest website in the world to use, but it is really fun and their ideas are cool – so check it out if you are looking to jump start a healthy Fall season.

Eat. Sweat. Blog.


Calling. All. Single. Dudes. My Nash-Besty Betsy has gone and done something crazy. And I love it.

Betsy Wants A Date To A Show

So if you know a single dude that might be interested, this is an opportunity that should not be missed. You can trust me. I’m not friends with punks. I promise she’s fun to hang out with.

Enjoy your weekend, my friends.

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