Clicky McClickerson.

That’s you. I just have a few world wide web stops I don’t want you to miss.

Yesterday, I was the interviewee [glad you liked it, by the way]. Today, I interview. Over at Bloggable Music Network, you can see an interview I got to do with Joy Williams. I heart her mucho.

Joy Williams Interview Part 1

Joy Williams Interview Part 2

Also, my super great friend Linda has written an amazing book that I’m thinking you are going to want to give for Mother’s Day. Because did you realize that Mother’s Day is May 10? That is not so far away.

Spilt Milk on

So you can click there and get yourself a copy, and then get one for your mama and some of your mama friends. You know. Whoevs.

Wanna read about my trip to Africa? Well, my AH-MAZE-ING blog master Lauren made a special page for the Mocha Club Capetown trip. You can see it at the top of this page (it’s a tab) or you can just click.


Speaking of awesome non-profit organizations that take bloggers around the world and break their hearts, I hope you are keeping up with some of my buddies who are in India this week.

Compassion Bloggers In India

I think that shall wear out your clicker for a while. Amen.

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