Concert Recap 2: Crowder and a Crush.

I’ll pick up right where I left off. Because I know you would never settle for less.

The “Phil Line Incident 07” ends and Liz and I head back to join the group. Though I do enjoy David Crowder Band, I felt like the highlight of the evening was over. I got what I paid for, the rest was just icing on the cake. How wrong I was. The entire night was incredible.

I got to see DCB a couple of times (with Third Day) in the last year or so and I really enjoyed it. In fact, this first song “You Are My Joy” is what snagged me as a fan the first time I heard it. I only videoed for a few seconds. I wanted you to see the crowd response. Excuse the sound- the volume of the crowd was…. how do you say…

UNBELIEVABLE. I’m not trying to get deep here [Heaven forbid], but I’m just saying that it must change things in the world when this many Christians pronounce outloud that God is their joy. I wish I remembered to sing this song more often. For a season, it was on constant repeat in my car. And I think my life did a better job reflecting that then more than it does right now.

I’ll tell you this about Crowder. The man writes some genius things. His worship songs are sung around the world. I respect him highly. I didn’t even video the most amazing song, “O Praise Him”. People lost their minds, singing their brains out. It was so loud that I was in awe. And yet, at the same time, it was incredibly personal and quiet. Does that make any sense? It was peaceful but loud. I find myself, in those moments, remembering anew why I chose God after He chose me. Because He is so real.

And this makes all the difference. This changes everything. Making our whole existence worth something so we sing…..

I think I can give the night no higher compliment than this- the worship opened a door between God and His people and He was right there with us. And it was beautiful.

Did you, or did you not, appreciate the mechanical arm? I know. Whoever was controlling that thing really had their finger on the pulse of how to ruin a good video.

And I’m going to need you to re-look at that video and notice what Crowder is playing. For some of you guitar lovers (Jake!), believe it or not. It was a GUITAR HERO guitar. Seriously. Rad. His drummer changed the doo-hicky and the thing-a-ma-bob and now it plays chords. How in the …..

So here is tonight’s humorous story from the concert.

And I’ll be honest, I’m a little skittish about telling this one- another story involving another person I don’t “exactly” know but feel the need to tell you about. For everyone’s sake, there will be no names mentioned, faces will be blurred, and no other websites linked. Gracious. My life. Hilarious.

Once the concert ends, everyone heads outside. There were about seven or eight of us standing around. One girl, we’ll call her Jan, grabs my arm. “Annie!” she says, “I have a crush on that guy in the green.” I look over and about 20 yards behind me is a guy in green. I ask Jan how she knows him. Same college? Same workplace? Same church?

Her response- “Ummm…. I don’t know him.”

Wha wha what?!? So I continue to question Jan- “How does one crush on someone they don’t know?” [pretending as if this has never been an idea in my mind]

“I’ve seen him on facebook.”

Ah. A facebook crush. Classic. Happens more than you would believe. Listen, we’re single. We’re not spring chickens. Sue us for seeing cute fellas on facebook and figuring out how we might know them.

Anyways, so I have my back to Green Guy. Liz is standing right in front of me. Jan is to our right. I’m laughing at Jan and suddenly all eyes grow ten times in size. They give the ole “check behind you” look and so I slowly turn. Again, as if this didn’t just happen with Phil, Green Guy is standing directly beside me. He must be a Christian illusionist with as fast as he moved across the sidewalk.

So I beg Jan to let Liz take a picture, pretending to be photographing me. That way, Green Guy is in the background and we have the moment forever locked in our minds. And blogs.

And this photo truly doesn’t do justice to how hard I was laughing. I deleted the picture where I was snotting and spitting everywhere because I was laughing so hard. Because this is a truckload of hilarious for one night. Then I switched places with Liz and Justin. All I’m saying is that I’m pretty good at blurring out faces, aren’t I? No, you don’t know him. Nope.

Whew. So there is your final reflection on Friday night. Who know one night could hold so much blog fodder?

I did.

No, tomorrow’s post will not be a reflection from Saturday. Here’s all you need to know about my Saturday:

I get to hang with some of my favorite kids today and eat dinner with some teachers from my old school in Jackson County. All things that fit well in Thanksgiving week.

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