Concert Recap: Phil snuck up on me.

Let’s back it up, pups. [I’m not really calling you a dog, just rhyming.]

Anyways, I will begin with this. One complaint. The Tabernacle sells too many tickets. And standing up for 2 1/2 hours just isn’t the good time that it used to be. And by “used to be” I mean “never was”.

The concert, as previously mentioned, was amazing. Our location, not primo. But decent. You will see in all the videos a mysterious moving metal arm. Apparently they were videoing the concert and the arm has a “I love to block Annie’s view” mind of it’s own. But the show was incredible. This is like Musical Hanukkah for me- Dave Barnes and then Phil Wickham 7 nights later? All I need is Bebo Norman lighting the menorah and all would be perfect.

Here’s Phil singing one of his new songs, “Cannons”. A few things to notice before watching:
1) No, you can NOT hear me singing. I deleted that one.
2) At about -0:28, Phil does the sickest guitar strumming. I know that others can do it as well, but it still impresses me.
3) This man’s voice is my favorite.

Like I said, pictures were illegal. I have no idea where this one came from. Sorry about the blur- no flash. Ahem… I assume that was the cause. How would I know?

Now for your total pleasure: An idiotic Annie story.

So Phil Wickham has a blog. Have I told you that before? Anyways, I read it. Sue me. On the right, he has three links. One of them is a guy who travels with Phil- maybe the tour manager? Phil’s handler? Well, I read that one too. Sue me.

And I had seen on the blog that after Phil performs, he signs autographs, shakes hands, kisses babies, these kinds of things. And I had seen that Phil’s handler was NOT happy with some previous crowds because they didn’t line up well when it was meet and greet time. The crowd was mean in L.A., shoving, making mean faces, unkind comments. Oh Christians, we can be so lovely.

So my friend Liz decides she wants to meet Phil. I’m in. Are you kidding me? Have you read my blog before? Of course I’m all over that. We walk out to the lobby which is really small- there are staircases going down and up all around the merch tables. My mind is spinning, “Where do we form a line? I don’t want to make blog guy mad!” So I’m looking to my left talking the situation over with Liz …. and someone bumps into my arm.

Yep. Read the blog post title again and use your detective skills to figure out what happened.

[Marie, this is the part you should have been expecting.]

Phil is standing right beside me and now the desire to make a line is almost panicking me. I see his handler. I think I better make a line before I talk to him, even though no one is around except the three of us. Seriously, I really don’t want to make the blog for being part of a bad line experience.

Liz and I putter around in a small circle awkwardly waiting to see what was going to happen. Other fans arrive. Finally Phil starts shaking hands, etc. We step up. I introduce myself, Liz does the same, we ask if Liz can have a picture, I explain that I already have a picture (in many more words- you know how I get when I’m nervous), and then we take the picture.How cute, huh? Hello, Stache-y Phil. That’s new. Fresh grown. Good thing I adore his voice and his writing. [Have you listened to his songs yet? Or read the lyrics? Genius.]

At this point, Liz and I are cracking up. And I’m dying to get a photo of Phil with the crowd, honestly to show you how difficult it was to make a line. So we walk down the stairs and turn back to photograph. How’d it go?Not so good the first time, huh? So let’s try again.
Better. I would have kept trying, but every time I pointed my camera up there, Phil would look down and laugh- obviously mocking both Liz and I. Yes, she was a part of it too. I’m not alone in my …. uh …. behaviors. And at this point, we are both laughing so hard that we look stupid.

This one shows you the set up. That is all the space we had. The stairs are right on the bottom on the photo. Tell me, where does one form a line? I’m a first born child. I believe in following the rules.

I saw the blogger guy standing by; I just knew we were going to be scolded for not getting in line. So when I got home, I just took care of the situation myself. [Read my comment then please scroll down and read his response. We’re obviously friends now.]

Listen, it’s called SHAMELESS. Try it sometime.

Tomorrow….. David Crowder and the Facebook crush. Good quality blogging material.

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