Daily Grind.

That’s where I am. The coolest/only coffee shop in this area of town. A cord connects my computer and my ears, guaranteeing that I do not have to speak to anyone. For teacher Annie to have a couple of hours of daylight where I don’t have to speak to anyone or answer any questions is a precious and rare commodity.

I just finished a meeting here regarding a retreat I’m helping lead in February. I’m super pumped about it and plan to share much about it in the near future. It’s a work in progress, and it is a glorious progress.

Now I’m trying to turn out a few articles. [Writing at home seems mildly impossible today because my house is a wreck and the amount of laundry to be done is daunting, to say the least.] I’m loving what I’m getting to write. It’s exciting to know that there is someone on the other end of an email attachment that WANTS my writing. The trick is writing decent content while trying to use words and phrases that are entertaining, thought provoking, and God-glorifying. It awakens something deep inside of me that almost makes me giggle. I don’t know…. that feels vulnerable to say and like too much info. But I’m not deleting it for some reason.

I feel today like who I hope future Annie is. Meeting about retreats, writing for publication, wearing jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt and flip-flops, my all time favorite outfit. (Thank you, 66 degrees in December.)

Today feels like a glimpse of the pearl that the sands of my life are going to become.


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