Dave Barnes is a giver.

So…. remember that time [those times] that I blogged about Dave Barnes?

Remember how you decided he was awesome so you wanted to buy his new CD?

Remember how Dave ……

Uh… Dave?

Yeah, can you quit staring at your swag so that I can tell all the kind bloggites about the giveaway?

Focus please.



Anyways, so because you decided he was awesome, and somehow he sensed his people were in need, Dave pulled some strings for us [really for you] and sent a little package to Kennesaw. Well, if you want to get technical, Dave pulled some strings and Mike at Razor & Tie Record Label sent a little package to Kennesaw.

So today, you have the chance to win a 3 song CD sampler from Dave’s new album. For free. That is completely awesome. And free.

What? Not satisfied? Neither was Dave. So he, via Mike, threw in some stickers and a poster. [see above photo of aforementioned swag]

Welcome to the Apex of Awesome.

So what I’m saying is TODAY IS A GREAT DAY FOR A GIVEAWAY!!!

In order to win, you must leave a comment in this post. And please leave a way for me to contact you- but leave your email address like this: spamstinks [at] yahoo [dot] com. It sure would add salt to the wound if the only thing you won was a spaminated inbox. [Yes, I made up that word.]

You may only enter once. The comments will close on Tuesday night at midnight. The winner will be decided by a random number generator.

I’ll put the package in the mail to you, future winner, on Wednesday before I head to California.

After you enter, swing over to Dave Barnes’ website, listen out for that new song on Tuesday, and then order your CD (and get a new t-shirt while you’re at it).

If you get a chance, leave Dave a comment thanking him for thinking of us and tell him how much you dig his music. In essence, give him an email hug. It’s the nice thing to do.

Our little blog has a new friend. And that new friend likes to give prizes. And sing great songs. And make funny videos.

Good luck!!

[I’m sorry, but did this Monday just transform into a SATURDAY?!? It sure feels like it. Nothing this glorious happens on a Monday.]

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