Day 10,002 was just weird.

#1- I wake up on school mornings at 5:30am.

#2- I was unable to fall asleep last night. The last clock check was 4:15am. You read right. One hour and fifteen minutes before wake up time. I take longer naps than that on a normal basis. And just to put the whole experience in perspective, I started the going to sleep process at 10:30pm. Oh yeah, almost 6 solid hours. Glory be.

I got a lot of good things accomplished in my hours of awful awakeness- finished a book that I LOVED (can’t wait to tell you about it). Thought about every thing under the sun. Solved most, if not all, of the world’s problems. Started planning the implementation of said solutions. Prayed. Told some jokes. Read some more. Made shadow puppets with my hands. Whatever.

#3- I acted like a loony bird for the entire school day. I couldn’t remember my students’ names, I said things backwards. And really, the whole day, in retrospect, was in slow motion. The kids thought it was HILARIOUS. It probably was. I don’t know why I wasn’t a jerk- I was expecting to be a jerk. But instead, I was like Bozo the Clown, ready to yuk it up with all the kiddies.


#4- I got in a car wreck. Or better stated, I got WORKED by a lady at the intersection of Barrett Parkway and Hwy. 41. I’m not hurt at all. It was a bizarrely calm experience. Laugh if you will, but I’ve never been in a wreck so I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say or not supposed to say “in print”. So I’ll leave it at this- my car’s getting fixed, thank you kind bad driver woman, and those Kennesaw / Cobb Co. policemen were kind and really polite (and not hard on the eyes). Though not hurt, I was a bit freaked out, and it was nice to have policemen that didn’t try to intimidate me (they usually scare me to death- ask some of my lifelong friends), but really attempted to make the situation right.

The other people in the wreck claimed some injury. And I believe they may have genuinely been hurt. Who knows. But I do know this.

Once more the Lord claimed LIFE for me. There is NO ONE greater than our God. He saw fit to allow me another day to attempt to do His will, to work out this salvation thing, and to glorify Him as best I can.

And I will do that. As soon as I get some sleep.

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