Dear bloggers, don’t be creepy like this.

So something really interesting has happened at some blogs that I frequent.

A blogger by the name “Miss Musing” has pretty much been STEALING other people’s posts and posting them as her own. Here you can read about Velveteen Mind’s experience, and CJane talked about it, and so did Azucar who seems tough as nails and I want to be friends with her.

Miss Musing’s blog has been spontaneously combusted by Blogger and Twitter bombed her account. So she’s a goner on the internet. At least under that alias.

But I say all that to say this:

– If you EVER see anything from my blog posted on someone else’s blog, PLEASE let me know. That is plagiarism and it is NOT right.

– If you EVER see anything on two blogs that seem like the same post, leave comments for both people. Someone is a thief and someone is oblivious. Let them both know that YOU know.

– If you find that you love a particular post on a particular blog and you want your people to see it, JUST ASK. I have HUGE respect for the people who handle it that way. That is a compliment to the blogger. When my google analytics pick up a stolen post, that makes me frown. And just FYI, once the blogger hits “PUBLISH” or “POST” it is copyrighted. So to take it without permission is actually against the law. I’m just saying.

– I know there are days when you can hear my friends’ voices in my voice. Heck, sometimes I can literally hear Sophie in my OWN head when I’m typing. Or Sarah. Or even Jason. And for SURE Annie Parsons. That’s different than cutting and pasting posts. That’s me being a vocal sponge and trying to suck all the funny out of everyone else. Cause my people are hilarious and all our jokes muddle together in the same pot in my mind.

In the grand scheme of life, this is not a big deal. But it just tip-toed over the creepy border enough to be blog-worthy. Sometimes I feel like we are all just sitting in my living room talking and drinking chai and then this happens and I’m reminded that Chester Molester or Creepy McCreeperson could be reading.  And stealing.


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