Dolly Parton got a package from UPS.

I saw it.  Seriously, between my house and here (Frothy Monkey), I saw Dolly’s compound receive a package from UPS.  OBVIOUSLY I waited around to see who answered to door- it seemed to be a serf.  Sadly.  Because tell me that wouldn’t be a dream come true to see Dolly sign for her own parcel.

Maybe I have just set myself some sort of new goal.  See a day-in-the-life of Dolly. I mean, I could just watch Steel Magnolias, but something tells me that’s not totally realistic.  Because it was filmed in the 90s.  And Julia Roberts does not have diabetes in real life. And those are the main reasons it’s not realistic.

I am rambling….. and it has taken me over half an hour to get this far in this post.

Which is completely due to the fact that I am distracted by sales online, my friend Betsy finally being back in Nash and sitting here at FroMo with me, emailing with Kat about BMN, emailing about Mocha Club awesomeness (did you get your shirt yet?), emailing about potential jobs, planning for THIS CONFERENCE tomorrow.

And I am pretty certain that if you have EVER read this blog before, you know that I’m sorta kinda REALLY excited about going to a blog conference.  Because there are some SPARKS when dorks unite, y’all.

I’m really a cornucopia of excitement right now, aren’t I?  I have never felt so underwhelmed by my own life before.

But Annie Parsons and I are going to the Bluebird Cafe tonight, so I’m thinking there is potential for the third installment of Adventures in Nashville.  Which is always an embarrassment pleasure.

I’m going to stop typing now.  Cause I might be lowering your IQ.  My apologies.

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