Don’t crush on my blog.

Seriously, how cute is this new blog design?  I told y’all it was coming.  It just took a little time.  I wanna clap and giggle every time I see it.

Vanessa at ButterflySparks Designs made the header- she is so awesome, so if you are looking for an inexpensive redo for ye old blog, give her a holler!  She is creative and artsy and all the things I dream of being.  She’s the best and you should get her to make you a design.  Today.  For real.  It’s the Fall- who doesn’t want a fresh look?

And as always, my Bloggy-Friend-To-The-Rescue, Lauren, worked her Saturday off getting everything set up all pretty like.  If you’re looking for a host, she is your girl.

Happy weekend.  And no, you cannot date my blog.  I know she’s cute.  But no.

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