If you are a dude, this blog post will repel you.

Because I am about to write an entire post about a dress.

Which is not very much like me. But sometimes, I find a dress or another piece of clothing that I totally ADORE and I can hardly contain myself. As is the case tonight.

Some other lady friends and I went for an impromptu shopping trip tonight. It was real nice- just some bfries hanging out and being normal. It’s weird because 2 years ago, we saw each other every week. Now the four of us live in four different cities.  Bizarro.

But being sappy about friendships is not why I’m here today.  I’m here to tell you about a dress.

Nashville has a handful of sassy Christmas events that I will be attending, so I have to reach down into the heart of me and find that trendy spot.  It is like the Grinch’s heart- 3 sizes too small.

[The part of my heart that loves Chick-fil-A milkshakes, it’s 3 sizes too big. That new peppermint chocolate chip shake….]


Anyways, I couldn’t find a picture of the dress online, so I just had to photo booth it. But if you think I was going to put it on for you, you need to know that I have never been the fashion show type of shopper. And I think it would fit in the category of “weird” to take a picture of myself in a dress to post on my blog.

[But I’ll take 57 pictures of a swollen ankle?  Don’t judge me.]

As for the dress, I just COULD NOT resist showing you the pattern.

OH. MY. BEAUTIFUL.  Seriously.  It’s so cute I can’t even hardly stand it.  It’s from Banana Republic.  Sits right above the knee, short sleeve, 100% silk.

And the COLLAR.  Dear beautiful deep blue silk, will you marry me?  Or at least sit on my neck every day for the rest of my life?  Thanks.

And the piece de resistance. I’ve never passed out before, but I kinda thought I might when I saw the price on this dress.

Um. Yeah. $98 dress for $16?   Seriously, that’s like the price of 2 burritos from Moe’s (with chips and a drink). Ha. If someone ever asks me how much the dress costs, I’m going to say “2 burritos”.  Cause that’s funny.

The Blue 2 Burrito Dress.


[I dedicate this post to Melanie, Jan and Amber. Three very trendy friends of mine that may someday convince me that a tshirt is never fancy and fleece isn’t the only winter covering. I hope you girls are proud.]

(Hey!  That’s MONDAY!!  Yay!!)

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