Drumroll please….

Here it is!  Yay!


A few comments about this picture- yes, my face is really red, mainly because of how Mac camera lighting works.  And, well, because I have on a turtle neck and Frothy is FULL OF PEOPLE so it’s a little toasty.  Secondly, I know it’s time to paint my nails again.  Sheesh. Back off.  Thirdly, I know this is dorky to do, but Betsy is sitting with me and I warned her first.  I don’t know why that makes it less dorky, but maybe it does.

Here’s Jason reading a little blurb I wrote about his job.


Oh, I guess I failed to mention that as soon as I printed the book out, I drove around to all my friends and made them look at it.  That’s just how I roll, yo. [He’s wearing a Hanson shirt. Do you love that or do you love that? They actually are still cool, by the way.]

Now, if you haven’t been in a coma for the last year or so, then you know that the economy is not in the “best shape” per say.  And that is DEEPLY affecting the publishing industry.  So.  Just because the book is written DOES NOT mean I’m about to get rich and famous and be on the Today Show.  [Though if they call, of course, I’ll answer.]

The victory is NOT in getting rich.  The victory has already happened- God wrote a story and let me be a little part of it.  And now that story is 191 pages long and is sitting beside me at Frothy.

I mail it to California tomorrow and then wait.  Maybe for a long time.  Maybe forever.  We can pray for God to do miraculous things with it [and I hope you do] but please know that I am TOTALLY blessed to just have been a part of the process.  I told a friend today that if nothing happens with this book, I’m still changed forever because of the hand of God in my life, specifically in this writing process.

So now I move on to writing other things and editing and doing whatever it takes to make enough dough that I can keep living this unbelievably awesome life that I currently have.

Thanks for loving me through this process.  I think this is the last you’ll hear of my sweet little book until something awesome happens.  But feel free to ask about it at any time- just go to the Contact page and send me a line- it won’t bug me.

You bloggites rule.  For realz.

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