Edamame and Deadliest Catch.

These are the things I’m partaking of right now.

At 12:50am.

After a seven hour shift at the taco restaurant. Which, I don’t really have the time or energy to express all the emotions that are surrounding the taco situation right now, but trust me that they are there.

I’m a whiner. And I don’t like to work hard. Or stand up for a long time.

Or clean the men’s bathroom at a taco restaurant.

But you should be proud- I only whine in my mind. Then I argue with that same whiny-brain, reminding it to be grateful for a job. Or I get Marisa to remind me. Whatevs.

Speaking of Marisa, she’s leading that Capetown trip I’m going on this THURSDAY. And I’m super pumped to tell you that my first blog post is now up on the Mocha Club blog. And obviously, I took another opportunity to build a cute blog button.


Which, of course, you are welcome to steal any of these buttons and place them on your own blog (this one or the one on my Capetown 09 page) so that your readers can keep up with my trip.  Because Tuesday, I’ll be posting a video on my attempt to pack for South Africa. Which is going to be hilarious. I hope.

Unlike the driver’s license video that I’ve been trying to make all week. And though I’m afraid it lacks in good times, and may be the least eventful video you will ever watch, I’m posting it this weekend. Because I find myself to be hilarious. So I’m apologizing right now for the deep levels of ridiculous that this video will offer- cause if funny events don’t happen [they didn’t], funny editing must happen [it will].

I talk a lot when it’s late at night. Can you tell?

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